Try Afro-Antillean Gastronomy in Old Bank and Carenero Island (Bocas Del Toro)

Give your tastebuds a tour of Afro-Antillean cuisine with a Panamanian twist. While some of the dishes might be common in the Carribean, the flavors are unique to Panama thanks to decades of local influence. Try the main staples like coconut rice, plantain tarts, and fresh seafood made Creole style or with coconut milk. And if you feel more adventurous, there is a whole variety of dishes like Saus (pork legs in vinaigrette), Bragada (fried codfish cake made with flour), dumplings with Picadillo de Bofe, or the fiery Panamanian pepper Aji Chombo. No matter what you’re into, there is a dish for you to enjoy.

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